RA opportunities

My research mainly focusses on judgment and decision-making processes. My work has two main themes. First, I investigate the role of ambivalence in decision-making and choice. Second, I examinehow seemingly unrelated contextual factors such as distance, or embodied factors, such as body movement, can influence the way people think and feel. Together with my students and research assistants I investigate these influences in experimental settings. Research questions guiding this interest are for instance:

  • How does spatial distance between objects influence our thoughts?
  • How does presentation mode influence decision-difficulty when people are ambivalent about their choice?
  • What kind of cues do consumers use when they are comparing products?
  • How do ambivalent online reviews affect choice behavior?

I am looking for motivated psychology students who are interested in gaining research experience as a Research Assistant volunteer. Research Assistants can gain experience with all aspects of conducting research in psychology. At the planning stage, they help develop and pretest materials for our studies; at the data collection stage, they run experiments in our labs, recruit participants on campus and sometimes collect data in other locations; at the data analysis stage, they help with data entry, statistical analysis, and the graphing of results; they also help with programming online surveys and laboratory experiments.

If you are selected to be a Research Assistant, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting new lines of research. Participating in research gives you an insight into the latest advances in psychology and hands on experience in a busy and productive psychology lab.  Contact me at i.k.schneider[at]uni-koeln.de to learn more!