Joining the lab

In our lab we value diversity of opinions, insights, ideas, and backgrounds. We welcome the full spectrum of diversity in ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, disability, and country of origin. We strive to create an environment where people can learn from each other and help each other achieve their goals. We value collaboration, kindness, and inclusion and take a stand against bias and discrimination.

To learn more about how to join us, read on. ‚Äč

In the Social and economic Cognition III Lab, we focus on two main research themes: mixed feelings and spatial distance – and how these factors relate to affect, cognition, and behavior, in particular, decision making. Motivated psychology (or behavioral economics) students who are interested in gaining research experience are invited to apply to the lab as either a Research Assistant volunteer (comparable to HiWi) or for doing an internship.

Examples of the research questions we address in the lab currently are

  • How does spatial distance between objects influence our thoughts? When is an apple fruit and when is it just an apple?
  • How do people respond to ambivalent others? For instance, politicians, scientists?
  • How can mixed feelings help people make better decisions? For instance in the self-regulation domain?
  • How do ambivalent online reviews affect choice behavior? Are mixed reviews more informative?

Depending on your goals and skills you will be involved in each stage of the research cycle. At the planning stage, you will help develop and pretest materials for  studies; at the data collection stage, you run experiments in the lab, recruit participants on campus and sometimes collect data in other locations; at the data analysis stage, you may help with data entry, statistical analysis, and the graphing of results; you can also be involved programming online surveys and laboratory experiments.

If you are selected to join, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting new lines of research. Participating in research gives you an insight into the latest advances in psychology and hands-on experience in a busy and productive psychology lab. Contact me to learn more or to apply (include a letter of motivation, CV, and grade overview) at i.k.schneider[at]

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