Commentary on Weighty Data Paper

Dr. Anna M. Borghi wrote an interesting commentary on our paper Weighty data: importance information influences estimated weight of digital information storage devices by Schneider, I. K., Parzuchowski, M., Wojciszke, B., Schwarz, N., and Koole, S. L. (2014). Front. Psychol. 5:1536. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.01536.

“In three well-designed experiments, Schneider et al. (2014) demonstrate that the importance ascribed to the content influences weight perception of a USB or of a data-storage device. I will briefly discuss the theoretical implications of these results for the recent debate on “penetrability” of perception and then more generally for embodied and grounded views of cognition; finally I will argue that it is important to study weight”.

You can read the full commentary here and read the original paper here.


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