I am a social cognition researcher and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the VU University Amsterdam, as part of the Amsterdam Emotion Regulation Lab headed by Dr. Sander Koole. I am also part of the SEEP lab at the Mind and Society Center, at University of Southern California, directed by Dr. Norbert Schwarz. In the past, my work has been funded through a Rubicon  grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

My program of research can be divided into two themes. First, I examine the antecedents and consequences of ambivalence and evaluative conflict, such as perceptions of order and negative affect. Second, I investigate the influence of contextual factors on judgments, with an emphasis on perceptual and other bodily experiences, for instance in the domain of weight, emotion-regulation, and mental imagery. In combining these two themes, I research how contextual factors influence decision conflict and ambivalence. In this line of work I have for instance found that ambivalence and conflict are influenced by body movements and spatial distance. With support of a Rubicon Grant, I am now investigating the role of spatial distance more broadly in the domain judgment and decision-making. Building on a strong background in social cognition, I examine these research questions by using innovative experimental methods, while at the same time situating these experiments in ecologically valid contexts, such as real life choices and evaluations.

My work has been published in Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and Frontiers in Psychology: Cognition, among others. It has also has been featured in popular media outlets, including Slate Magazine, Mind Magazine (Dutch), and NRC Handelsblad (Dutch).

You can find out more about my work on this website, or via my Google Scholar profile here.

Contact e-mail: schneider.ik@gmail.com

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